Sumba Land & Property

Gaura West Sumba, Beach front for sale

A Beach with ocean view, located on serene and peaceful area with green trees, as many tree grown in this place... It also located between two high cliff, suits for extreme sport for those who love challenge and   adventures.

Location can be reached by car for one and half hour.

status: freehold.

price: IDR. 850 juta/ ha

L: 9 ha

My private beach front, Karakat Indah Beach, Bukambero, Kodi Utara Sumba Barat Daya. Available 1,5ha with price IDR. 850 juta/ha. status: ownership being processed. Government road will be expanded and constructed this year. 20 Minutes from airport

  • Bukambero-Yuma Beach front, with 13M cliff
  • Potential for extreme sport lovers
  • Calm and beautiful ocean view
  • Status: being processed for ownership
  • Price: IDR. 7M/ Ara
  • Large: 9800sqm
  • Distance from airport: 25 minutes
  • Access: Public Road/ North Coast Road - being constructed


Ownership: Freehold
Beach Front: Mamboro Land 100ha

Ownership: Freehold

Location: Ocean View and Beach front

Price : IDR. 250M/ha

Pics of the 100ha lands in Mamboro - village Manu Wolu

ratenggaro beach- Kodi subdistrict

Ocean View
Ratenggaro Beach
  • 4 ha - freehold
  • Near Pasola Location
  • Long beach with white sandy
  • Has a fabulous view and peaceful environment
  • Price: IDR.,-/ha

watu asa village

Land for sale around 230ha located in Watu Asa Village Mamboro Subdistrict, Central Sumba

  • 230ha beach front and ocean view
  • Land still pipil
  • Being process for certification
    • Price: IDR. 200m/ ha
  • Located 200m from the harbour or seaport Kapulit make it easy for sea transportation in the future
  • 3-5hr with speedboat to Komodo and Rinca Island

West Kawona Beach (4ha)

  • Located on peacefull beach front land, has a serenity and fascinating view of white sandy beach
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Price: IDR. 1.800.000.000,-/ha
  • 15m from the airport Tambolaka
  • and 10 minutes from Waikelo Seaport
  • Access: Main Road ( north coast road)
  • Backside of Government Offices


  • Location :Waikelo Beach, 2,9ha
  • Ownership: Freehold
  • Price: IDR.1,5b/ ha
  • 1,7km to Waikelo seaport
  • 7,5km to Airport
  • Access: Public Road
  • 15m to Tambolaka Airport

Mananga Aba Beach

Location: Beach front, white sandy

Ownership: Freehold

Price: IDR. 2,5B/ ha

Description: Has a beautiful view towards the ocean, 15m to the airport and 30m to Waikelo Seaport

A unique megalithic tombstone in Kampung Ratenggaro Kodi,  a symbol of nobelity of the family.

Kampung Ratenggaro - Kodi

Kampung Ratenggaro is one of the tourism object in Southwest Sumba.  This traditional house near with the location of Pasola, a horsemen fighting.